Monday, May 25, 2009

Posting on NYPCO Cello/Bass Blog

Hi there, this is the blog where information would be pass down to the members in the section easily. I hope that everyone will check out this blog often for the latest update of the section and information of the orchestra.

Please do remember when you post information onto the blog, remember to leave your name when you end the post so when people have doubt regarding the post they would know who to turn to. I hope this blog would be bring to good use and do paragraph your post so that people who are reading would not have a hard time to do so.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Music Camp Briefing

Please be reminded that there will be a meeting on 5/6/2009 at 6pm, this is COMPULSORY for everyone to attend as it will be regarding the music camp on 15 & 16 of June, EVERYONE will be involved with different jobs and different roles, so please turn up for the meeting and those days free.

I have received different ideas for the sectional orientation, I need to seek everyone's idea by the next monday practice, please do what you do best and put on your thinking cap.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sectional Orientation

Hi, I would like to ask your opinions about a Sectional Orientation.
Of course, I would like to make this event memorable for everyone. So I need ideas???
Got Any??? If You Do, Do Tell Me Please... It will be the first bonding session for all of us along with the new members to the family!!! So i hope all members of the family can be present... For the date and time i will confirm again, but i really hope everyone can make it for the event.

your sectional leader

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Practice Schedule

Set A Sectional Practice (Seniors/With Experience)
Thursday: 630pm to 930pm

Set B Sectional Practice (Junior/Without Experience)
Monday: 630pm to 930pm

Combined Practice
Wednesday: 630pm to 930pm

Please do make an effort to turn up for the practices. If you cannot make it for any practices, do inform our sectional leader Esmond. Thank you.