Sunday, November 29, 2009

Xmas Xchange & Potluck

Its the time of the year AGAIN!!! XMAS!!! AND WHEN XMAS IS HERE IT MEANS??? FOOD AND PRESENTS, maybe its just another reason to feast hehe, anyway, since we are so worn out after the performance, lets not do anything to physical and just eat mwahhaha... details as above, i will discuss everyone's roles again next practice...:P

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cello Bass Section T-shirt

Hi all, please come out with the design of the tshirt by this Friday(13 Nov 2009) 12 midnight and email it to Esmond @ we'll post all the design here for everyone to vote by the following week!


Monday, November 9, 2009


Tribal Beat
Musique De Cuisine

--20 mins Interval--

Kentucky and Suzanna
Hungarian Dance No. 5
Encore: 中原锣鼓

Please kindly check what scores you dont have and feedback to Esmond. I dont wan to see anyone with no scores on the upcoming combine practices on Wednesday.


Extra practice for MUSICAL VARIATIONS

Hi all, this is the latest extra practice schedule for combine practice! I hope everyone can turn up for all the practice. If you cannot turn up please inform Esmond about it. Please dont give reason like "personal reason" and dont come and go in packages! Thank you.

11 Nov (Wed) - 630pm
14 Nov (Sat) - 9am to 2pm
18 Nov (Wed) - 630pm
21 Nov (Sat) - 9am to 4pm
24 Nov (Tue) - 630pm
25 Nov (Wed) - 630pm
26 Nov (Thurs) - 630pm
27 Nov (Fri) - BBQ for Cello Bass Section
28 Nov (Sat) - CONCERT!

We will still have sectional practice on every Monday and Thursday on top of all these additional practices for combine. Those performing for the whole concert are advise to come on the both days as the new song just come and we will need to practice it together with the Thursday people.

Monday - After intervals songs.
Thursday - Before intervals songs.

I know this is a little bit time consuming for all of you to come down for so many practice but this is to ensure quality performance on the concert day!