Sunday, November 29, 2009

Xmas Xchange & Potluck

Its the time of the year AGAIN!!! XMAS!!! AND WHEN XMAS IS HERE IT MEANS??? FOOD AND PRESENTS, maybe its just another reason to feast hehe, anyway, since we are so worn out after the performance, lets not do anything to physical and just eat mwahhaha... details as above, i will discuss everyone's roles again next practice...:P

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cello Bass Section T-shirt

Hi all, please come out with the design of the tshirt by this Friday(13 Nov 2009) 12 midnight and email it to Esmond @ we'll post all the design here for everyone to vote by the following week!


Monday, November 9, 2009


Tribal Beat
Musique De Cuisine

--20 mins Interval--

Kentucky and Suzanna
Hungarian Dance No. 5
Encore: 中原锣鼓

Please kindly check what scores you dont have and feedback to Esmond. I dont wan to see anyone with no scores on the upcoming combine practices on Wednesday.


Extra practice for MUSICAL VARIATIONS

Hi all, this is the latest extra practice schedule for combine practice! I hope everyone can turn up for all the practice. If you cannot turn up please inform Esmond about it. Please dont give reason like "personal reason" and dont come and go in packages! Thank you.

11 Nov (Wed) - 630pm
14 Nov (Sat) - 9am to 2pm
18 Nov (Wed) - 630pm
21 Nov (Sat) - 9am to 4pm
24 Nov (Tue) - 630pm
25 Nov (Wed) - 630pm
26 Nov (Thurs) - 630pm
27 Nov (Fri) - BBQ for Cello Bass Section
28 Nov (Sat) - CONCERT!

We will still have sectional practice on every Monday and Thursday on top of all these additional practices for combine. Those performing for the whole concert are advise to come on the both days as the new song just come and we will need to practice it together with the Thursday people.

Monday - After intervals songs.
Thursday - Before intervals songs.

I know this is a little bit time consuming for all of you to come down for so many practice but this is to ensure quality performance on the concert day!


Friday, October 30, 2009

Bonding Time

Hey Its Your SL Here
Ready For Some Fun Time?
As many of you know we have planned a series of activities to help you guys understand each other right?
Be Prepared For The Upcoming Activities:
BBQ on 27 nov and other activities yet to be fully laid out, so do stay tune.

The performance is coming and i bet most of you are pretty uptight about it. Coming back to practice yesterday really make us glad. We are fortunate to have you guys as the new gen. Do continue to work hard and if you have anything in mind, even just to call and chat, do call me anytime...and stay cheerful. Do Your Best, No Regrets.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Hi I'm here to address the problem of the attendance, recently attendance have been dwindling, and i hate to say that there has been a lot of problems caused by it.

I suppose those who attended the combined practice this few weeks would understand. Constant irritation to Zheng Lao Shi as there is no full attendance, and progress has been slow due to that.

For Your Info, we have only left with 3 weeks of practices left, so do come. I do not appreciate people rejecting my calls, does anyone like that? Working is definitely not a valid excuse. School Or Work? Decide yourself.

I don't mean to sound harsh but i'm quite irritated by the fact that due to your irresponsibility those who come on a regular basis is being reprimanded. I would not want you to regret for your current actions as it will affect the overall performance of Musical Vairations at SCH.

Set Bs, I understand that you are practising hard, but for certain technical skills, it is possible to correct them if you practise, conscious of your own faults, and try to correct them. I suppose you all know your current weaknesses, unable to play the full potential of the cello and etc.

Thus, I would really your appreciate your cooperation with us.



Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cello/Bass Section Outing

Hello everyone! I'm here trying to organize a outing for the whole section which mean we are going out together as Set A and Set B. I know there a outing before that for the Set B. It's not that we(set A) didnt want to come it's because not all of us was being informed.

Do let me know when all of your papers are ending and where are the places you all want to head together! I would rather everyone's information and try to plan a date that suit everyone. Drop me a email @ or leave a message at the tagboard.

Hope to hear from all of you soon. Good luck for all your exams! Chaochao!

With ,

Sunday, July 26, 2009


A reminder to both Set A and B, as 观摩会 is tomorrow,
please do turn up, however i'm caught up with school work and i cannot be there.
you have my moral support :P

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The latest repertoire for the Beautiful Sunday concert would be:

1. 如燕 - Olivia Ong (Little Nyonya's theme song)
2. 屋顶 - 吴宗宪/周杰伦 & 温岚
3. 我要快乐 - 张惠妹
4. 我怀念的 - 孙燕姿
5. 安静了- S.H.E
6. 听海 - 张惠妹
7. 情歌王 - 古巨基

Encore: Hong Kong Lovesuite


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Music Camp And Upcoming Events

Guys, now that music camp is finally over, we've pulled through it, though there were many problems, i'm sure that its a good lesson to learn, next up i'm going to update you guys about some upcoming events.
The repertoire for Beautiful Sunday is as followed:

1) 安静了- S.H.E
2) 情歌王 - 古巨基
3) 如燕 - Olivia Ong (Little Nyonya's theme song)
4) 我怀念的 - 孙燕姿
5) 我要快乐 - 张惠妹
6) 听海 - 张惠妹
7) 屋顶 - 吴宗宪/周杰伦 & 温岚

And during the year end, there will be another concert, that i hope some of the juniors can join in for the performance, the pieces are yet to be fixed but there is a special piece composed to introduce our Singapore's famous cuisines so expect knives chopping and some other kitchen utensils chopping

Monday, June 1, 2009


Please note that attendance will be taken for every practice for set a and b. The attendance will be taken seriously and valid reasons will have to be given to me BEFORE the practice that you are going to miss.

I also would like to address once more that each practice is essential, you may lose out on what Chen Lao Shi teaches every practice. I can see that everyone is serious during the practice, which is what i'm happy to see.

Extra practices can be arranged and please note that ARRANGE GROUPS TO COME BACK TO PRACTICE. Please understand as we often are tied down to work and may not be able to cope academically.

Thank you and carry on your good work.

Sectional Leader

Monday, May 25, 2009

Posting on NYPCO Cello/Bass Blog

Hi there, this is the blog where information would be pass down to the members in the section easily. I hope that everyone will check out this blog often for the latest update of the section and information of the orchestra.

Please do remember when you post information onto the blog, remember to leave your name when you end the post so when people have doubt regarding the post they would know who to turn to. I hope this blog would be bring to good use and do paragraph your post so that people who are reading would not have a hard time to do so.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Music Camp Briefing

Please be reminded that there will be a meeting on 5/6/2009 at 6pm, this is COMPULSORY for everyone to attend as it will be regarding the music camp on 15 & 16 of June, EVERYONE will be involved with different jobs and different roles, so please turn up for the meeting and those days free.

I have received different ideas for the sectional orientation, I need to seek everyone's idea by the next monday practice, please do what you do best and put on your thinking cap.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sectional Orientation

Hi, I would like to ask your opinions about a Sectional Orientation.
Of course, I would like to make this event memorable for everyone. So I need ideas???
Got Any??? If You Do, Do Tell Me Please... It will be the first bonding session for all of us along with the new members to the family!!! So i hope all members of the family can be present... For the date and time i will confirm again, but i really hope everyone can make it for the event.

your sectional leader

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Practice Schedule

Set A Sectional Practice (Seniors/With Experience)
Thursday: 630pm to 930pm

Set B Sectional Practice (Junior/Without Experience)
Monday: 630pm to 930pm

Combined Practice
Wednesday: 630pm to 930pm

Please do make an effort to turn up for the practices. If you cannot make it for any practices, do inform our sectional leader Esmond. Thank you.