Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Music Camp And Upcoming Events

Guys, now that music camp is finally over, we've pulled through it, though there were many problems, i'm sure that its a good lesson to learn, next up i'm going to update you guys about some upcoming events.
The repertoire for Beautiful Sunday is as followed:

1) 安静了- S.H.E
2) 情歌王 - 古巨基
3) 如燕 - Olivia Ong (Little Nyonya's theme song)
4) 我怀念的 - 孙燕姿
5) 我要快乐 - 张惠妹
6) 听海 - 张惠妹
7) 屋顶 - 吴宗宪/周杰伦 & 温岚

And during the year end, there will be another concert, that i hope some of the juniors can join in for the performance, the pieces are yet to be fixed but there is a special piece composed to introduce our Singapore's famous cuisines so expect knives chopping and some other kitchen utensils chopping

Monday, June 1, 2009


Please note that attendance will be taken for every practice for set a and b. The attendance will be taken seriously and valid reasons will have to be given to me BEFORE the practice that you are going to miss.

I also would like to address once more that each practice is essential, you may lose out on what Chen Lao Shi teaches every practice. I can see that everyone is serious during the practice, which is what i'm happy to see.

Extra practices can be arranged and please note that ARRANGE GROUPS TO COME BACK TO PRACTICE. Please understand as we often are tied down to work and may not be able to cope academically.

Thank you and carry on your good work.

Sectional Leader